The original High Beech Tea Hut running for over 80 years known locally as "The bikers hut"



In the early 1930’s Speedway was a big attraction at High Beech in Epping Forest with tens of thousands of people all turning out to watch the fearless speedway riders ride the track near the Kings Oak Pub.  For many people especially those from inner London this was a brief break away from the city to the countryside and actually seen as a holiday destination for many before cars became more affordable and coastal resorts became the place to head for.

During these massive speedway events people wanted refreshments and this is where the tea hut or “bikers hut” started, there was a good business in serving tea and cakes to be made and the current owners Great Uncle Ernie saw this opportunity and so the business began. The original tea hut is still run by a member of the same family all these decades on and is still a great attraction if you are visiting Epping Forest.

There has been a longstanding legacy left with motorcycling in the area with this being a focal point an attraction for thousands of people from famous writers and artists to local forest users and even people visiting from abroad to catch up with old friends however the original Tea hut doesn’t just focus on Bikers it is open to anyone and everyone who wants to enjoy being out in Epping Forest and wishes to be served some good honest food with a decent cuppa!

During the decades the Hut has had to be replaced, from its humble beginnings it has been upgraded to a shipping container still in the same recognisable green paint that it always has been and once again now in 2016 it has had a third upgrade to a larger container, this time purpose made and constructed to specifically cater for the business’s unique requirements yet still in keeping with the history and tradition of the business.

Below are some pictures taken through the decades at various times.